Provided by Patrick Tomlinson and Dr. Areti Smaragdi

Our values decide our character. Our character decides our value.
(James Kerr, Legacy, 2013)

High-quality staff selection and development are central to the success of organizations.

Once people are selected for various roles, their experience of the organization will influence their effectiveness and development. This includes the quality of the organization’s leadership, management, and culture. Selecting the right people for the right roles is a critical starting point.

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Maximizing Development for Organizations and Professionals

Dr. Areti Smaragdi

The Character Assessment & Selection Tool has been created in partnership by Patrick Tomlinson and Dr. Areti Smaragdi. It is based on many years of research and experience in identifying the characteristics that support high levels of resilience and development in exceptionally challenging work.

It can be used for purposes of organization staff selection and development, or on its own by professionals wishing to explore and maximize their potential.

It is carried out by an online 1-1 interview of about 1¼ hours. It will provide a detailed understanding of an individual’s character and attitudes towards life, work, their development, working with others, and development potential.

The assessment gives feedback on a person’s resilience, strengths and areas of vulnerability that are relevant to different professional roles. It will give an indication of the present and potential levels of responsibility the person is capable of. A full feedback report is provided, with recommendations for development. A consultation can also be offered to discuss the report and answer any queries.

Who can benefit?

It will be of value to professionals and organizations who work with children and young people who have suffered trauma and other adversities. Among others this includes,

Directors | Business Owners | Managers | Care Workers | Foster Carers | Social Workers | Therapists

I would recommend the assessment for any manager who wants to focus on selecting the appropriate staff for positions and/or identifying ways of developing resilience.
Darlene Lyons - Team Leader, Northern Trust, N. Ireland

The feedback was excellent and informative. I could identify with the strengths and areas for development that the assessment highlighted. It really helped me reflect on my current abilities and also highlighted the areas I need to focus on to help my development in the future. This has helped me understand myself better and my behaviour in organisations.
Andrew Davies - Senior Fieldwork Manager, England

What are the benefits?

CAST session

Much improved staff retention | People in the roles that they are suited for | An engaged team, thriving in their work and developing | High task performance | Positive outcomes

The results could not be more positive. Through a simple question and answer process, completed over a 75-minute session, we gained insight into employee’s strengths and challenges, appropriate methods of support and current and future role suitability.

For any company wanting to gain a greater understanding of their employees and how they and you can best support the task, I would highly recommend this assessment.
Sean Dunne - Operations Manager, Total Care Matters, England

Making the wrong decisions in staff selection can be very costly in many ways.

This assessment will help to ensure that people are appointed to roles that they are capable of and that will also stretch their development appropriately. It will help prevent staff turnover due to a mismatch between capabilities and role.

Both organizational and individual performance can be improved. Having the right people in the right roles improves individual performance and teamwork. It also helps reduce unnecessary and sometimes very costly mistakes and crisis.

The recommendations from the assessment feed directly into the crucial area of development once a person is selected. Potential is likely to be fully realized. Unfortunately, many organizations and individuals fail to make the most of potential, which means that performance drifts and dips.

The assessment helps professionals make the right decisions about their career and development pathway. It can be used to enhance mentoring, coaching, or supervision processes. The insights from the assessment are hugely beneficial for initial selection and subsequent ongoing learning. A structured individual development plan to maximize potential can be created.

I would highly recommend this assessment as a tool for staff appointment and retention. In fact, it would be advisable to use it for a workforce in terms of staff development. This assessment not only identifies the right people for an organisation but continues as a management tool. I believe I have made improvements in my performance following my assessment with you.
Tanushree Handoo - Founder, i-being, India

The particular value of the assessment process was that it raised to conscious awareness ideas and values that influence my approach to life and relationships on a mostly subconscious level - allowing me to engage in thoughtful reflection and decision making about my approach to personal and professional matters going forwards. In this sense, the Assessment supported valuable insights and a sense of empowerment.
Colby Pearce - Clinical Psychologist, Adelaide, Australia

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