Welcome to Patrick Tomlinson Associates

Supporting the development of professionals and organizations who provide services to vulnerable and traumatized children, young people and their families

Project development / consultancy / mentoring / supervision / training services tailored to meet your needs. With vast knowledge and experience in residential and foster care, education and therapy for traumatized children and young people.

Working with you to:

  • Develop and deliver your model/service/program to the highest quality in the most cost effective manner
  • Assist you in delivering excellent outcomes for the children, young people and families who use your services

Enabling you to achieve these benefits:

  • You will be more successful and cost effective, achieving better outcomes for service users
  • The development and clarification of your therapeutic model/service/program - which will be informed by the most relevant research and evidence
  • You will attract funders, commissioners and customers who will know the exact benefit of using your model/service/program
  • Your resources will be focused on the most important purpose of your model/service/program, improving effectiveness and reducing costs

Patrick Tomlinson leads the service and has a wide range of associates to assist where necessary. 

Client Testimonials

  • We are now in a position where we are ready to achieve our strategic aim of transferring our practice model to organisations across Australia and then internationally, thanks to the enormous contribution of Patrick Tomlinson.

    Rudy Gonzalez, Director Clinical Care Services and Program Development, Lighthouse Foundation, Australia

  • I have been consulting with him by email, which has been a helpful way for me to communicate. His advice and assistance has been so great, helpful, reliable, prompt, kind and warm and fit to Japanese society.

    Hisayo Kaihara, MD (Child Psychiatrist), Tokyo, Japan

  • Patrick has an excellent knowledge base and a high level of skill in taking plans forward.

    Neil Thompson, PhD, DLitt - UK

  • The mentoring with Mr. Patrick Tomlinson has had a very positive impact upon my work but also upon my personal development. Having access to an expert point of view and to valuable knowledge provided by Patrick, determined a great enhancement of my working skills.

    Ioana Boldis, Psychologist, General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Cluj, Romania.

  • I have worked with Patrick Tomlinson on many books, and it is always a genuine pleasure. Patrick is both knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of his subject area, and a skilled writer. In his books he communicates complex ideas and concepts in a clear and structured way and always with a keen awareness of the needs of his readers and publishers’ commercial concerns. I have always found Patrick to be reliable, conscientious and thoughtful in my dealings with him, and value him as a source of advice.

    Stephen Jones, Senior Commissioning Editor, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK and USA

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