Online Development Service for Organizations and Professionals – Therapeutic Model Development / Mentoring/ Supervision/ Consultancy

For Organizations and Professionals who Provide Services/Programs for Children and Young People (and families) who have been Traumatized by Adverse Life Circumstances, such as Abuse and Neglect

The Service is Available Internationally

Overall Objectives

The online service is led by Patrick Tomlinson and has been provided to organizations and professionals in Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, India, Portugal and Romania. The service is tailored to individual needs and can be as varied as individual mentoring to the development of an organization’s therapeutic model, to the writing and publication of a book.

The work is carried out using a combination of email correspondence and Skype meetings. The aim is to offer online advice and support to professionals and organizations in a flexible, focused and cost effective manner. The online service can be combined with on-site work if required.

This service can be offered in relation to any of the PTA services and tailor made according to your needs.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • To improve the quality of professional and organizational development, performance, funding and cost efficiency
  • Flexible, efficient and convenient scheduling options - conduct a session from wherever you are
  • Save time and money - no travel and other expenses. The online service is green and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Client focused - sessions can be as short or as long as necessary. This has the advantage of focusing entirely on the work in hand and not creating unnecessarily prolonged meetings
  • A practical approach to practical problems - which is outcomes focused
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise – made quickly accessible.

Format of the Online Service

The service will be tailor made to suit your individual or organizational requirements - working in collaboration with you to identify objectives and the focus of the service, including targets, timescales and costs.

The pricing structure is flexible and discounts are offered for more intensive and longer term work.

PTA provides a discounted service for professionals and organizations working in developing countries.

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure to work collaboratively with Patrick Tomlinson Associates for over 3 years. The key to the success of the work has been the way we have established a strong working relationship across international boundaries. Patrick has brought a variety of essential skills to the projects that we have worked on. He has demonstrated great knowledge and expertise, reliability, high quality work, and has always delivered on time. His service has been very productive and cost effective, due to his ability to systematically work through any potential challenges that would take a less evolved individual many additional months.

We have been providing therapeutic programs for traumatized children and young people at the Lighthouse Foundation for over 20 years. We are now in a position where we are ready to achieve our strategic aim of transferring our practice model to organisations across Australia and then internationally, thanks to the enormous contribution of Patrick Tomlinson.

Rudy Gonzalez
Executive Director, Lighthouse Institute, Melbourne, Australia

I am leading a 3 year research project funded by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We are researching worldwide, effective approaches in working with traumatized children in residential and foster care. Having attended a talk by Patrick Tomlinson 5 years ago at the ISPCAN international conference about his work with traumatized children at SACCS, I decided to seek his assistance. I have been consulting with him by email, which has been a helpful way for me to communicate. His advice and assistance has been so great, helpful, reliable, prompt, kind and warm and fit to Japanese society.

Hisayo Kaihara, MD (Child Psychiatrist), Tokyo, Japan

I have worked with Patrick in developing learning materials and other documents conceptualizing models of practice. He has an excellent knowledge base and a high level of skill in taking plans forward. He is highly respected in his field and has a wealth of expertise to offer in therapeutic work with children and management.

Neil Thompson, PhD, DLitt, England

The mentoring with Mr. Patrick Tomlinson has had a very positive impact upon my work but also upon my personal development. Having access to an expert point of view and to valuable knowledge provided by Patrick, determined a great enhancement of my working skills. His professional perspective has guided me to develop my creative but also critical thinking skills that are very necessary in my profession as a psychologist. Also, he provided me useful tools for my work in child protection and I now approach problems in a more pragmatic, consistent and effective manner.

In my personal development: I feel more confident in my initiatives; I’m ready to explore new opportunities and possibilities; I am more aware of my strong points but also my limits. For me, mentorship is a challenge with myself, a challenge to give the best of me, to develop, to try, to learn, to continue exploring and most of all, to follow my path knowing there is somebody who guides and supports me in my journey.

Ioana Boldis, Psychologist, General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Cluj, Romania.

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