Since and before founding Patrick Tomlinson Associates in 2008, the principles of Association & Connection have been central to my values & work. We are always part of a network & system. Hopefully with enriching connections. We always bring our relational influences into our work & life.

Occasionally someone has asked, who are your Associates? They are professionals who I am privileged to have worked with or known, some for decades. There are many not represented here, especially from the early days of my work. I am thankful for the impact they have had & continue to have on my development.

I connect with my Associates for consultancy, mentoring, or informal discussions. Sometimes we collaborate on a project or work as co-authors. If you ask me to work on a project with you, these are some of the professionals who I may involve directly or indirectly to support my work.

As you can see, these Associates offer diverse perspectives from different professional disciplines, countries, & cultures. They may all provide independent high-quality services, locally & online. Please feel welcome to contact any of them directly.

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