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The primary goal of Patrick’s work is developing people and organizations. Throughout his career he has identified development to be the driving force related to positive outcomes - for service users, professionals and organizations. Development is closely associated with general happiness and fulfillment, which underpins successful achievement.

His experience spans from 1985 mainly in the field of trauma and attachment informed services. He began as a residential care worker and has since been team leader, senior manager, Director, CEO, consultant and mentor. He is the author/co-author/editor of numerous papers and books. He is a qualified clinician, strategic leader and manager.

Since 2008 Patrick has provided developmental mentoring, consultancy and therapeutic model development services to clients in Australia, Japan, UK, Ireland and Portugal, among others. He has helped develop therapeutic models that have gained national and international recognition.

With experience at every level of an organization, Patrick is well-placed to work with organizations on their development. He supports leaders in creating an inspiring vision and in its successful implementation. Understanding the whole system is a crucial part of this. PTA has a range of highly skilled associates to assist where necessary.

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