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The primary goal is the development of people and organizations. Development is the driving force related to positive outcomes - for service users, professionals and organizations. It is strongly associated with general happiness and fulfilment, which underpins achievement.

Patrick has worked in services for traumatized children since 1985. Working in the field of trauma and attachment informed services he began as a therapeutic residential care worker. He has held roles as team leader; senior manager; Director; CEO; consultant and mentor. In 2008 he set up Patrick Tomlinson Associates (PTA) - to offer professional and organization development services. These services have been provided in Australia, Japan, UK, Ireland, Romania, and Portugal, among others. Therapeutic models that Patrick has worked on have gained widespread recognition. He is the author of numerous papers and books.

Patrick is the first CEO I have worked with who could see and understand the balance of business and care or the ‘business of care’ as sometimes referenced.
Eilis Carroll - Head of Children’s Services, The Talbot Group, Ireland

With experience at every level of an organization, Patrick is well-placed to work with organizations on their development. Leaders are supported in creating an inspiring vision and in its successful implementation. Understanding the whole system is a crucial part of this.

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He has acquired a combination of skills, unusual in their breadth and depth, based on his lived experience as a therapeutic carer, manager, leader, trainer and consultant.
John Whitwell - Former, Principal of The Cotswold Community, and Managing Director of ISP, UK

Core Values

PTA services reflect the core values of:

Patrick is someone who truly models the model. He is kind, caring, interested, reflective, and passionate. Patrick has a unique way of bringing out the best of people and truly trying to see the potential and unique skills of those he works with; including being strengths-based… He is integrity, alongside vision.
Dr. Karen Treisman - Clinical Psychologist, trainer, & author, UK

His advice and assistance have been so great, helpful, reliable, prompt, kind and warm and fit to Japanese society.
Dr. Hisayo Kaihara - MD (Child Psychiatrist), Tokyo, Japan

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