Patrick Tomlinson, PTA

PTA was established in 2008 | Enabling the development of leaders, organizations, & professionals | Development is the key to our well-being and happiness | Specialist services for those who work with traumatized children & young people | Achieving excellent outcomes.





There are universal processes in all living systems - individuals, teams, families, & organizations.
The relationship between a person & their environmental context is vital - one cannot be considered without the other.
Organizations sit within wider systems. Systems are multi-dimensional & not linear.
An integrated & well-differentiated system is most likely to be healthy, functional, & high-performing.

The network patterns of the outside world mimic a lot of the network patterns of the internal world.
Johnson, S. (2010) Where Good Ideas Come From, TED Talk

I have known Patrick for 25 years. He has always sought to develop models of care that provide a secure base to contain, orientate and inspire the individuals and teams who carry out such important and difficult work.
Paul Van Heeswijk - Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Patrick has a combination of high-quality leadership skills, years of experience within a range of contexts including residential services, and expertise within the area of trauma and attachment- making for a formidable combination; yet does this with humility and humanness.
Dr. Karen Treisman - Clinical Psychologist, trainer, & author

Patrick Tomlinson

With experience at every level of an organization, he is well-placed to work with organizations & professionals on their development. Patrick is highly experienced in leading cultural change in environments that are in crisis. Leaders are supported in creating an inspiring vision and in its successful implementation. Understanding the whole system is a crucial part of this work.

During the two years that I worked with Patrick; I can only describe what took place as a process of transformational change.
Eilis Carroll - CEO/Director of Care Services (former), Three Steps Residential Assessment and Intervention, Ireland

Patrick has an excellent knowledge base and a high level of skill in taking plans forward. He is highly respected in his field and has a wealth of expertise to offer.
Dr. Neil Thompson - PhD, DLitt, UK

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