Patrick Tomlinson, PTA

Patrick Tomlinson created PTA in 2008 to support the development of professionals and organizations who work with vulnerable and traumatized children, young people and their families. He believes that development is the key element to our individual and collective well-being. Patrick has had a lead role in developing therapeutic models in England, Australia and Ireland. His work as a developmental mentor and consultant has extended to other countries such as Portugal, Romania and Japan. Work takes place via email, Skype, etc., as well as on site when required.

With in-depth understanding of specialist residential and foster care, education and therapy, leadership and management. Enabling professionals and organizations to achieve these benefits:

  • You will be more successful achieving better outcomes for service users
  • You will develop in your professional work enabling positive progress in your career
  • You will develop and clarify your therapeutic model/service/program - which will be informed by the most relevant research and evidence
  • You will attract funders, commissioners and customers who will know the exact benefit of using your model/service/program
  • Your resources will be focused on the most important purpose of your work. You will improve effectiveness and reduce costs