Patrick Tomlinson, PTA

Patrick Tomlinson created PTA in 2008 to support the development of people and organizations

Development is the key element to our individual and collective well-being and happiness.

Patrick is highly experienced in leading cultural change in environments that are in crisis. A crisis is an opportunity for development.

He provides Developmental Mentoring to anyone who wishes to maximize their potential.

He specializes in therapeutic services for children who have suffered trauma and other adversities.

Patrick has had a lead role in developing therapeutic models with organizations in England, Portugal, Australia and Ireland.

Work takes place via online platforms, as well as on site when required.

Patrick has demonstrated great knowledge and expertise, reliability, high quality work, and has always delivered on time.
Rudy Gonzalez - Executive Director (former),
The Lighthouse Foundation, Melbourne, Australia

Patrick has an excellent knowledge base and a high level of skill in taking plans forward. He is highly respected in his field and has a wealth of expertise to offer.
Dr. Neil Thompson - PhD, DLitt, UK

With in-depth understanding of organization and people development, leadership and management, and therapeutic work. Enabling people and organizations to achieve these benefits:

  • You will develop in your professional work enabling positive progress in your career
  • You will improve your well-being and happiness
  • You will develop and clarify your therapeutic model/service/program - which will be informed by the most relevant research and evidence
  • You will be more successful achieving better outcomes for service users
  • You will attract funders, commissioners and customers who will know the exact benefit of using your model/service/program
  • Your resources will be focused on the most important purpose of your work. You will improve effectiveness and reduce costs

During the two years that I worked with Patrick; I can only describe what took place as a process of transformational change. By keeping those we care for at the centre and forefront of everything, all the symptomatic issues that were presenting began to improve. Staff turnover reduced, accidents and incidents reduced, claims reduced, finances improved and most importantly the children’s lives improved with many telling me this directly.
Eilis Carroll - Head of Children’s Services, The Talbot Group, Ireland