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This page provides links to excellent web pages with many excellent free resources - articles papers, papers, PDFs, and Videos. The pages are all especially relevant to trauma, neuroscience, therapeutic work and development. This page will be added to and evolving.

Center on the Developing Child: Harvard University

A vast amount of information and PDFs - on child development, neuroscience, trauma and recovery, play, and resilience, among many others.

John Whitwell: A Personal Site of Professional Interest

John Whitwell has had the rare experience of being a leader of organizations in therapeutic residential and foster care. His website shares many great papers and articles, spanning over 5 decades. A great history of the pioneering therapeutic community, The Cotswold Community. This is especially relevant to me, as John gave me my first ‘proper’ job, back in 1985. I ended up staying for over 14 years!

Child Trauma Academy

Articles and papers, PDFs, and videos. On Therapeutic Interventions, Abuse & Neglect, Brain Development & Neuroscience, Child Development & Early Childhood, Trauma & PTSD, Violence & Public Health. Featuring Dr. Bruce Perry among others.

The Neurosequential Network (Dr. Bruce Perry)

Many excellent resources on this site. Related to child development, trauma, and neurobiology. Great for work with children and families, in, communities, schools, foster care, and residential care.

Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

PDFs of scientific papers on Trauma, information on research. Media articles, videos, interviews and conference talks. Quotes from, ‘The Body Keeps the Score’.

Dr. Karen Treisman: Safe Hands Thinking Minds

A trauma-informed focus with excellent free resources and worksheets. Links to websites, videos and podcasts, and organizations related to trauma, toxic stress, attachment, foster care, adoption, and parenting.

The Institute of Psychoanalysis: British Psychoanalytical Society

The findings from neuroscience research have been affirming of the central principles of psychotherapy, "It is even claimed that psychoanalysis (the original ‘talking cure’) is ‘a neuroplastic therapy (Doidge, 2007)’." (Kezelman and Stavropoulos, 2012, p.64).

This website provides a great introduction, with brief biographies of 50 key figures in the history of psychoanalysis. Also, many links, videos and audios.

The Home of Stephen Porges: Author of Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal theory articles, papers, PDFS, and videos.

Dr. Dan Siegel: Inspire to Rewire

Articles, videos and audios of interviews and talks. Blog PDFs. On mindfulness, parenting, child development, neuroscience, and well-being among others.

Angela Duckworth: Grit, The Power and Passion of Perseverance

Articles, papers, and PDFs on child, personal and professional development. Grit Scale to test yourself. Playbooks for parents and teachers. Videos, Ted Talk and media articles.

Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care for Traumatized Children

A LinkedIn Discussion Group, created by Patrick Tomlinson in 2012, with over 2000 members from 70 countries. Useful resources and discussions.

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