Patrick Tomlinson Associates offers services to support the development of organizations and professionals. Specializing in therapeutic residential and foster care, education and therapy for vulnerable and traumatized children and young people.

These services reflect the core values of:

Delivering clear and measurable outcomes - It is essential for organizations and professionals to be clear about the key outcomes and how they will be measured. We will aim to agree clear and measurable outcomes for the delivery of all services.

Building capacity - Enabling organizations and professionals to build their own capacity so that development and growth is sustainable.

Promoting resilience - Focused on enabling organizations, their workforces, professionals and service users to draw upon and develop their own resilience. Aiming to ensure that PTA services always enhances the resilience of organizations and professionals.

Specializing in:

  • Online Development Service for Organizations and Individuals
  • The Development of Therapeutic Models for Residential and Foster Care, and Education for Traumatized Children and Young People
  • Training
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Outcomes based approaches

Services are delivered on a tailor made basis to suit your specific needs.

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PTA Director and Development Specialist, Patrick Tomlinson is a vastly experienced and accomplished development specialist to professionals and organizations providing therapeutic services for children, young people and their families. Available internationally and can work via email, Skype, etc., as well as on site. In recent years services have been provided to organizations and professionals in UK, Ireland, Australia, Japan, India, Portugal and Romania. He is also International Practice Development Consultant for the Lighthouse Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

Patrick’s experience spans from 1985, working as a strategic director, operational manager, team leader, therapeutic care worker, clinician, supervisor, development specialist, mentor and author. He has the ability to create a long term vision and plan for its implementation and is experienced in developing new programs and businesses. He combines vision with very strong analytic capacity, task focus and the ability to get things done. Patrick holds various qualifications in clinical practice and strategic leadership to Master’s Level.

Patrick is the owner of a LinkedIn groupTherapeutic Residential and Foster Care for Traumatized Children Join our LinkedIn group

PTA Services are offered in the following areas:

  • Development of therapeutic models for children and young people in residential and foster care. Including the development of assessment and planning models; research informed and outcomes based approaches
  • Mentoring/coaching/supervision/consultancy for directors/managers/therapists/carers, etc.
  • Training, workshops and conference presentations
  • Writing services for organizations and individuals – the publication of books, papers and the review/ writing of policy and practice documents. Patrick has published numerous articles, authored and co-authored 3 books and edited 4 books on the subject of therapeutic work with traumatized children and young people.

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