Delighted to announce new online training courses on therapeutic work with traumatized children and young people.

Date added: 24/10/20

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Psychotherapeutic Training - Courses for Work with Traumatized Children & Young People

A Progressive Training Framework

These accredited and innovative online training courses are offered in partnership with Gayle Doyle and Ariel Nathanson. The in-depth training is relationally, and process focused. This therapeutically orientated training is designed for those who work with children and young people who have suffered trauma and other adversities. The needs of this group are complex and have led to them being placed in ‘out of home’ and group care settings.

Trauma tears the fabric that safety is made of. When those who are hurt are still living within loving relationships, there is a chance for reparation, leaving a fragile crack or scar behind. When trauma is severe and relational, and when those who are supposed to protect, frighten, abuse or neglect, then reparation is not available.

When this happens, the mind and body attempt to create other solutions to avoid the pain and anxiety associated with the ongoing trauma. These are often seen as behaviours that are deemed pathologies or addictions. These solutions are what practitioners usually experience and see. This training will help to make sense of your work, improve your understanding so that you may be able to respond effectively to such challenging situations.

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