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This is a Chapter published in the Portuguese book (PDF can be downloaded below), Children at Risk and Danger – Vol. 6: Contexts, Research and Intervention
Editors: Eunice Magalhães, Ligia Monteiro, Maria Manuela Calheiros

“This book seeks to fill an important gap in the dissemination of research work in the area of protection of children and young people in various sectors of social intervention in Portugal. In this sense, the texts presented intend to identify and problematize both the state of the art and present technical solutions at the family, social and organizational levels.

As a whole, the texts included in this book may be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, professionals invested in a lifelong learning path, as well as all those who seek to learn about new approaches in the area of assessment and intervention in the domain of protection of children and young people at risk, and respective development contexts (family, institutions and community).

This work therefore intends to promote quality standards and values of good practice in institutional and community intervention in the area of populations at risk, and provide a valid contribution with application in terms of policies and practices within the scope of social services in general, and the child and youth protection system in particular.”

We are thankful to the publisher and book editors below for the inclusion of our chapter, and also for permission to produce an English PDF version here.

Maria Manuela Calheiros
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon. She presents a vast research experience contributing to the definition of public policies in the area of intervention with children and young people at risk and in danger and in the area of residential care through the design, implementation and evaluation of intervention programs in these contexts.

Ligia Monteiro
She is currently an assistant professor at the University Institute of Lisbon (Iscte), and a researcher at Cis-Iul (Community, Education and Development group). She coordinates the master's degree in Community Psychology and protection of children and young people at risk. Her background is in the area of Psychology of Education and Human Development, where she completed her PhD (UNL; ISPA-IU), and postdoc (Auburn University, USA), with a scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Her main research interests are: the quality of parental care, father involvement and co-parenting, as well as attachment relationships, and their impact on the child's social and emotional adjustment in the first years of life. Her work has been published in national and international journals in her field of expertise.

Eunice Magalhães
Researcher and professor at the University Institute of Lisbon (Iscte). Her research interests include victimology, family psychology, the protection of children and young people at risk, and in particular, family and residential care, psychological assessment and professional skills. Her research has been published in national and international journals.


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