Dr. Areti Smaragdi

Dr. Areti Smaragdi

Forensic Developmental Psychologist

Dr. Areti Smaragdi is a forensic developmental psychologist. Her research has focused on the neurobiology and gender differences in children with conduct problems and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments for children with antisocial behaviour. She is also skilled in assessment development and adaptation. She currently lives in the UK and provides research and development consultation for organisations:

•    Developing and implementing early intervention programs for children and youth in trouble with the law. 
•    Assessment selection and adaptation for clinical services.
•    Study design, methodology and set-up.
•    Evaluation of clinical programs.
•    She is a co-author and conducts licensed training in the Early Assessment Risk List V3 (EARL-V3) and the Structured Assessment for serious problem behaviours in children (SAPROF-CV).
•    Co-creator of CAST (Character Assessment and Selection Tool) to help organisations select and retain the right staff for highly challenging positions.